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Third Party Debt Settlement

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April 20, 2023
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Cain & Daniels, Inc. have over 20 years of experience as third party representation in commercial debt settlement cases. In those 20 years, we have settled over 10,000 cases – avoiding bankruptcy and keeping the doors of small businesses open all over the U.S. and Canada.

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is an option for individuals struggling to repay their debts. It involves negotiating with creditors to settle the debt for a lower amount than what is owed. Essentially, the borrower agrees to make a lump-sum payment to the creditor, which is typically less than the original debt. This option can be appealing for those with high levels of debt, as it can help them avoid bankruptcy and reduce their overall debt load.

However, debt settlement can also have negative consequences, such as a negative impact on credit scores, and it should only be pursued after careful consideration and consultation with a financial expert. If you are exploring debt settlement as an option, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits before making a decision.

What is Third Party Representation?

This is where Cain & Daniels, Inc. comes in. We handle all of the arbitration and negotiation between creditors and debtors. Essentially, we manage and facilitate the negotiation process so that your business can get back to business. And with our wealth of experience in being on the front lines of this process – we get you the best deal available.

Why Would a Creditor Settle?

Creditors want to avoid businesses filing for bankruptcy at nearly all costs. When a business files for bankruptcy, the creditor loses every chance of repayment of any of their debts owed. As a third party representation firm, Cain & Daniels, Inc., works with your business to assure that a manageable settlement payment can be found.

What is a Third Party Debt Collection Agency?

Third party debt collection agencies represent a host of industries in which your business may accrue debts. They are not the creditors themselves. Third party collection agencies attempt to garner the full balance of a debt without turning to litigation. Third party debt collectors are not attorneys or members of government agencies. Your business has many rights when it comes to dealing with third party collection agencies and Cain & Daniels, Inc. can help your business navigate those waters. For example, if you feel your business or your person is being harassed by a third party debt collection agency, there is a large chance that the agency is breaking a law covered under The Fair Debt Act.

Why Should You Make Cain & Daniels, Inc. Your Third Party Respresentation?

We negotiate your settlement amount before you hire us. You’ll know how much you’ll be paying your creditor before the collection settlement goes through. Cain & Daniels, Inc. never charges a retainer or case set up fee. We also do not charge a payment processing fee. Cain & Daniels, Inc. are also members of the Commercial Law League of America, a membership few other settlement firms boast. We specialize only in commercial debt settlement, so you can be sure that you’re working with a company that knows this niche industry well. Finally, Cain & Daniels, Inc. is in excellent standing with BBB and zero complaints.

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