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Commercial Debt Settlements Within The United States & Canada


Save About Half on Your SETTLEMENTS! Cain & Daniels, Inc. will typically have your debt settled within 2 weeks! We are so confident that we will settle your debt that we put our own time and resources to work right away without any out-of-pocket expenses to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Complete our short contact form by clicking on the “Get Started Now” button above, and we will usually start the process THAT SAME BUSINESS DAY!

The Bankruptcy Alternative IS Commercial Debt Settlement! Once a debt has escalated to a legal issue, some businesses find themselves filing for bankruptcy; then their problems can really begin.  While in the past, bankruptcy may have been seen as a protective measure against monetary loss, recent laws have added to the difficulty of filing for bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Abuse and Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 has made it more difficult for business owners seeking to file Chapter 11 or Chapter 7.  The paperwork is twice the amount it was before, and the costs are high, as much as $50,000 for a small business.  Cain & Daniels, Inc. can help your business avoid bankruptcy and stay in operation, all while saving you about half on your settlements and outstanding debts.

Third-party debt representation is a line of communication between debtors and creditors, and we’ve been on the front lines of the settlement reductions process for over 20 years.  The resulting solutions are extremely attractive to business owners.  Cain & Daniels, Inc. is often the answer for a business to obtain an effective solution to their delinquent debt, return to a profitable financial status, and avoid bankruptcy by settling your lawsuits, judgments and past dues.

“The principles at Cain & Daniels, Inc. have helped settle over 10,000 cases for companies of all sizes and get them back to their business as usual or better!”

Commercial Debt Settlements Within the United States & Canada


  • STOP! Execution of Judgments, Bank Garnishments and Additional Interest & Court Costs!
  • We Settle Lawsuits, Judgments and Past Dues.
  • Over 20 Years Experience – “Over 10,000 Cases Settled!”
  • You will always know your settlement amount before you hire us to represent you.



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Cain and Daniels, Inc. is not a law firm or solicitor or barrister nor do we engage in the practice of law.  Services  not available in the state of Florida.